Who I am and why I’m here…

The only reason that I quit playing the piano is because I got sick of playing the same tunes to myself in my room and not getting anything out of it. It would be great if I was a concert pianist or played in a bar or had a YouTube account showcasing my pieces but lets be honest, I’m way too self-conscious to do that and frankly I don’t think I’m that great (although I’ve done grade 7…).

The reason I’m telling you this is because if playing the piano privately didn’t work for me then I really don’t think keeping a private journal would either. I want to get something out of the things I do, be it a few comments, likes or followers I think that’s way better than sitting alone in my room writing depressing emotional stuff in a journal no one will ever read (I don’t think I ever want anyone to read my diary anyway. Like EVER). I’m not gonna get started about the ‘I wanna make a difference in the world and be a noticed blogger like Zoella’ bullshit but…I kinda do. Doesn’t everyone who does this want that?

Ok so interests. Mostly I love reading (although I haven’t for ages) and baking so hopefully going to share some recipes and good books on here. Although I do love fashion, I don’t think this is gonna be a fashion blog because I’m awful at putting an outfit together, can’t afford to buy all the clothes to make a ‘haul’ (maybe a haul of one item…) and am way more likely to search for blogs showing nice outfits than to write about it myself. But anyway, we’ll see. It’s early days yet I could end up with a job and suddenly afford to go out shopping (but for now the little money I have is going on beer!) -oooo and concert tickets!! That’s another thing I am quite a big music enthusiast (I like to think), I pretty much listen to all sorts but my main favs are Alt-j, BMTH, my chemical romance, bombay bicycle club, sleeping with sirens, all time low….ok maybe there are quite a few! But literally since downloading spotify (which is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life btw) just about any music is available to you it’s the best thing ever. I lovee concerts, I’ve been to reading festival hopefully going again this summer and recently I’ve ordered a SWS ticket so I’m going to that. I’m really hoping I can go to more concerts and festivals in the future they are literally the best thing!


Annnddd finally you should read my blog because I’m a cool person and as someone who grew up writing short stories and wanting to write a novel, this is the closest thing to it (I guess). It would mean the world if even one person followed me or liked what I wrote. Because no matter what everybody says about blogging we do not blog ‘for ourselves’.