Favv books

At the moment we’re in the between time of crazy Christmas festivities where you drink and laugh too much and the crazy new year festivities when you do it all over again. The family have all been and gone, the tree is looking sad and depressed with no presents and somehow the fridge has been emptied of alcohol. Now it is calm and quiet but strange that everything’s over and you don’t know what to do with yourself. At this point I would turn to a book to escape into an exciting new world of fantasy where your parents can’t frown at you for sleeping all day. I used to love reading but for a while I haven’t found a book that can keep me interested for very long however there’s 5 that I can always rely on…their pretty big…which can be a good/bad thing

1. The fifth wave -Rick Yancey


Set in the future, the earth is under attack from aliens in strategic waves that wipe out portions of the population at a time. Cassie, who believes she is the last human left embarks on her promise to come for her little brother Sammy at the military base where the soldiers took him. Only there’s something not right about the military base, are they preparing for a war against the ‘silencers’ or a war against something far bigger and more complex than they imagined? The book focuses on 3 different characters perspectives, using the 3rd, 2nd and 1st person and then brings the stories together. This book is so exciting from the first page and the pace of it never slows that even though it’s a pretty big book I read it in like a week I could not put it down. The third and final book in the series ‘the lost star’ is coming out in May and the film of the first book comes out at the end of January starring Chloe Moretz and Nick Robinson, the trailer which you can see here

2. The Hunger Games -Suzanne Collins 


I’m sure you’ve heard your fair share of Hunger Games preaching by now that you don’t need me to tell you that it’s perhaps the most popular dystopian action novel at the moment. I think the books are wayyy better than the films so if you haven’t read them I definitely recommend it. They are stuffed  with description and is fast paced and entertaining until the very end. The franchise is now finished but I don’t think the hype will die down any time soon and I’m the sort of obsessed person who’s read them three times and watched them twice.

3. Blood Red Road -Moira Young


Another dystopian novel set in the wastelands where laws don’t exist. When Saba’s brother Lugh is kidnapped on their 18th birthday, her and her little sister Emmi set out on a quest to rescue him. However the two are captured and Saba forced to fight in the colosseum where they meet a group of female warriors known as the free hawks. On this dangerous road Saba can trust no one. Not even the handsome thief who saves her life -and steals her heart. It’s written in a difficult way to understand at first, using slang and not using speech marks but you get used to it. The good news is that the film is currently being made, directed by Ridley Scott so I have high hopes for it!

4. Noughts and Crosses -Malorie Blackman


In a world where white people are noughts and black people crosses, the book inverts ideas of racism where white people are second class citizens and the black people control and rule them. Set against the backdrop of prejudice and distrust it is a story of a romance that leads into terrible danger. Can their love survive faced with the Liberation Militia -a violent terrorist organisation supposedly aimed at promoting equal rights between the two races.

5. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn


Since the success of this book many other similar novels have come out which I don’t think having read this book has done it any justice. Centered around the disappearance of Nicks wife Amy, the media and police turn on him finding clues and evidence that present him as the kidnapper. The media and public turn against him forcing him to employ the best Lawyer he can find, ending in an unexpected turn of events at the end… The 2014 movie trailer starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike can be found here




New Years Resolutions

I have alwayssss been someone who’s obsessed with goals, targets, lists etc. and as much as I can’t really stand the ‘new year new me’ bullshit that doesn’t really stop me from creating resolutions anyway. When you’re younger I remember thinking it was just about giving up eating biscuits or cake for some unknown reason and then failing on the first day in but not even realizing, as if you never set the goal in the first place. I think resolutions are about trying to create a better YOU because I think most of us at times are unhappy with the people we are and through life we try to recreate ourselves and create version 2.0, 3.0 etc. We as people will never stop changing and growing but the most important thing is that you are the best person you can be and are happy and comfortable being the person you are. Some (actually all!) of these points are pretty cliche but I find them pretty important for me and sometimes when you’re in the mood it’s an enlightening thing to think about

1. Try new things 


I used to be pretty scared about ever trying anything new but at the same time I aspired to be adventurous, brave and experienced. I like to think of myself as enjoying change and new experiences but I still get nervous doing things that are out of my comfort zone -just like anybody would I guess. I like to think of it like experience points. The more new thing you try and more the more change you experience, the more confident and outgoing you will become and I know it’s scary doing something on your own for the first time but it was new for everyone once. Everyone’s been in your position

2. Be sociable 


I used to be the type of person who would only stick to her own social group and not talk to anyone else. Once or twice I have been the person who had to sit on her own because none of her friends were in. A few months ago I would have said I was more introverted than extroverted, enjoying my own company and keeping to myself more often than not. Over the years, just like people focus and worry about their flaws, I worried about my social skills or lack of thinking I had social anxiety, thinking myself boring etc. but because of recent experiences I have proven to myself that I can get on in any situation and be more extroverted. People never stop growing and becoming more confident and there’s always going to be people you don’t get on with or clash with but guess what…it doesn’t matter because there are manymanymanyyy more people out there to meet through all sorts of situations and other people shape the person you are.

3. Do things that make YOU happy


You wanna do something? Stop with the excuses and go do it who’s stopping you? A few years ago, I was pretty depressed, bored and upset and apart from school and the obligatory things you have to do I don’t think I really did anything. But you have to because your own happiness is the most important thing in the long-term at the end of the day. Stop depending on others and go do the stuff you want to do. If you love yourself then you can love and be loved by others.

4. Let go of grudges 


I think a grudge can be the most energy-sapping thing and 90% of the time the grudge is over some tiny thing that doesn’t even matter. I’ve held many grudges in the past, usually over misunderstandings or petty things that I soon forget what they were even about. The worst thing is when you let the grudge become so out of hand that you lose a relationship because the grudge becomes bigger than the problem itself which could’ve been solved with a simple conversation or apology. Free your conscience by forgiving and moving on. Even if they don’t you will know that you were the bigger person and that it’s no longer on your conscience.

5. Live for the here and now


Shit happened in the past I’m not denying it but everyone has setbacks and knocks, it’s the moving on from them is what counts. I used to be focused on so regretful of it that I let it define me as a person and make me scared of any social contact. But you can’t go back and change the past so what’s the point of even thinking about it. Move on. Life will just pass you by if you spend too long regretting your past and worrying about the future. Seize the present with both hands and roll with it.